After Christmas Toy Hunting


Today I went toy hunting thinking since Christmas is over the shelves would be restocked but I was wrong. Wal*Mart in Galveston is probably the worst, they never restock. They still had the same Marvel Legends Songbird hanging from a peg. That figure has been there for months.

I did find the WWE Survivor Series wave but Alexa Bliss was no where to be found. The Fan Central series were picked through.

I skipped Target, they too have that Wal*Mart mentality but I stopped in Lone Star Heroes: Comics & Toys. This is hit or miss sometimes but today I hit the jackpot! They started carrying WWE Mattel figures, basics and elites. A lot of older figures but I did score with a Battle Pack LOD (Blue) series. I been eyeing LOD for a while but those early figs are expensive. I know I payed eBay price but how else will I find these figs out in the wild? Picked up a handful of back issues from Marvel. X-Men, Captain America, and Civil War II variants.

Today was a good day and knowing that my local comic shop carries wrestling figs now I’ll stop in more often. Follow me on Instagram for pictures from today’s hunt.

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