Antique Store Pick Ups

A friend said I should really checkout this antique store in Galveston, Market 25 ABC because it has everything from vintage Star Wars figures to Easyriders magazines, this place was a mess and it was awesome. I had to dig through boxes of figures and VHS tapes to get to the good stuff, every nook and cranny was packed with something.

I didn’t leave empty handed. They had a complete Nintendo NES with a couple controllers, orange Zapper and no games going for $75 and I passed on but did buy the Zapper, original NES manual, and Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt instruction manual. Also picked up the Star Wars trilogy on VHS, it was the 1997 release of the original films without the new-added scenes. And a couple Marvel comics later, I was done.

I did ask if they had any wrestling stuff and the lady at the desk said they did but it was only one item. We both searched and came up empty handed… I will be visiting Market 25 ABC again.

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