Alundra Blayze (Flashback Series)

A buddy text me today while I was at work with pictures of WWE Elites and ask which one I wanted, the selection was limited but he did manage to find Flashback series Alundra Blayze on sale for four dollars and some change, talk about price drops!

I been hearing that the Heartbreak Hotel Flashback series have been peg warmers and I’ve seen it first hand at my Wal*Mart with Razor Ramon. Getting Alundra Blayze is right up my alley because I’ve been trying to build up my female figures. Recently I got Lita and Nikki Cross, now Madusa is added to the collection!

She comes with one half of the heart shaped bed and the classic pink Women’s Championship belt… being a completest now I gotta complete the whole Heartbreak Hotel set. The figure looks great and I’m really digging her ring attire.

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