Let’s Talk Feed the Children

I never thought much of sleep, staying up all hours of the night watching movies or TV series is something I’ve always done. Still do to this day… In the mid nineties around two or three in the morning with nothing else to entertain me I would watch infomercials from the newest cooking gadget to Miss Cleo trying to make a buck predicting your future by telephone.

One series that has stuck with me the most was Feed the Children. A thirty minute story highlighting one family and how they lived. Larry Jones, the founder of Feed the Children would visit low income families and show the home viewers how those people lived. Their main focus would be the children and their everyday living conditions. It would pull at my heartstrings but I couldn’t look away and I wanted to help these kids by donating but I was kid myself.

Cut to a couple years ago I got to thinking about those Feed the Children infomercials and thought whatever happened to those families. I went searching and to this day I can’t find anything. Just recently I found a full episode of Feed the Children uploaded to YouTube from 1995.

I still think about those kids and wonder what are they doing today. Did they ever make it out and now are successful with a good paying job, do they have families of their own? Life’s unsolved TV mysteries, if you will… and it being TV and asking for money, I can see how this all could be a work but who knows.


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