Let’s Talk GameStop

I’ve been shopping at GameStop for many years when they still bought and sold used DVDs. My experience dealing with them has always been good. Last time I was there to buy a game, couple years ago I bought about four used games and the checkout guy ask about six times if I wanted to go Pro and save. And every time he ask I told him a different excuse why I didn’t want to save or go Pro.

Nowadays I just bypass the games and go straight for the action figures. It’s the only place to buy WWE: RetroFest and exclusive Marvel Legends. Since GameStop started selling everything under the sun pop culture I’ve noticed the lack of walking space. The stores are so cramped packed with random stuff and displays, you gotta move stuff to see if they have what you’re looking for.

Two good memories comes to mind when I think of GameStop… Whenever a WWE 2K game would come out I would always by it at GameStop, when I bought 2K14 and 2K15 I ask if they had any extra posters for said games and they did. When I went in there for 2K17 I ask for a poster but they didn’t have any, so I ask the checkout guy if I could buy the one in the store but he told me I couldn’t. So! I ask if I could throw a couple bones his way for the poster and got denied once again.

A lot of people don’t know that GameStop online sells used vintage video games. I bought from them in the past and never had a game that wouldn’t play. I bought Back to the Future and 1943 for the NES and both worked perfectly.

I know they get a lot of heat for their trade ins prices, since I buy digitally and I can uninstall a game, I’m fine not buying a game from there anymore. Now if they started bringing in retro games for a decent price I may go back to them. Not every day you can find a NES game out in the wild.

What are some of your GameStop experiences? Comment below.

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