RetroFest Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Another journey to Target was a bust, but I didn’t leave empty handed. Picked up the GameStop exclusive RetroFest: Hacksaw Jim Duggan. They had all other RetroFest figures on clearance but I didn’t need another Macho Man or Rockers Shawn Michaels. Looked for RetroFest Flair and Perfect but didn’t see them.

Beaumont, TX. Target had a better selection of updated figures than Galveston, Galveston is still carrying NXT Series 3. I even got a text from Mike who lives in Illinois and his Target was a bust as well. Hopefully one of these Targets gets with the times and start updating their stock instead of waiting for the old stuff to sale.

If I can’t find a Pete Dunne figure out in the wild, I’ll wait for those eBay prices to drop.

Now let’s have a look at this figure… Hacksaw comes with a removable crown, and T-shirt, U.S. flag, and comes with his trusty 2×4 a must have for any Jim Duggan figure… Under his shirt he is sporting a blue singlet, white boots and some awesome USA flag style knee pads.

When I think of Hacksaw I see him wearing blue trunks, but having him in a singlet is a good change, something different.

The RetroFest series has been hit and miss. Rockers Shawn Michaels, Honky Tonk Man all been good. USA Randy Savage was kinda basic and yes, red robe Flair is nice but I would like to see more obscure characters like a King Haku, Greg Valentine, or Don Muraco. As for now I’m happy picking and choosing what I want to add to my collection… Also thanks again to Sometime Mike for his Target pictures and toy hunting!

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