Out of Place Merchandise

Over the years I’ve seen and bought wrestling merchandise in places that would never have it to start with… and these are those stories.

I was in my local supermarket walking around their gifts and toys aisle and came across Series #66 Alberto Del Rio, and Goldust Series #67 I was shocked to see them hanging from a peg. So out of the two I got Goldust. Since then I haven’t seen any more WWE figures at that store.

Another great find was at two different dollar stores. The first one I found a case of WWF figures it was the Summer Slam ‘99 Road Rage wave. The figures I picked up were Al Snow, and Hardcore Holly both were just one dollar. The other store had one peg hanging figure and that was Edge from Series #36.

A strange find was at a carnival. Some of the game prizes were Attitude Era Rock, Austin, or Undertaker mini posters. I wasn’t about to drop a couple bones to throw a dart to pop a balloon just for an Austin 3:16 smoking skull plaque. But! One time at Six Flags Astroworld I did buy a poster with The Rock on it.

Looking online I found a few of the carnival plaques on eBay. They are going for $10-$20 depending on the wrestler.

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