Original San Francisco Toymakers WCW-ECW Figs

A few things that is lacking in my wrestling collection are figures from WCW and ECW. I always seen ECW figs at Toys R Us but never bought any. As for WCW I had quite a few, one Christmas I got an abundance of WCW Smash ‘N Slam and WCW Bruisers. To this day I still have some of those figures in my collection. I know I sold some of them in a yard sale and remember WCW Bruisers, Sting arm breaking off.

So! With Ryder & Hawkins skyrocketing LJN and Hasbro prices, I found a heck of a good deal on vintage WCW and ECW figures… also I’m going to keep these figures MOC because the packaging looks great.

What we here is a ECW Champion Clashers Raven. His action feature is a Pivot Punch, and come with a chainsaw accessory. If this figure isn’t hardcore I don’t know what is.

I won’t collect every ECW figures because I don’t have that emotional attachment to them, but just having one is okay by me.

In middle school you had two types of wrestling figure fans. You collected JAKKS WWF or Original San Francisco Toymakers WCW figures and out in the school yard you told those smarks what figures you collected and why. I may self collected JAKKS because they had somewhat articulated parts, comparing those to WCW figs that vibrate.

In the same lot of figures that I got Raven in also had Original San Francisco Toymakers Rick Steiner. This isn’t one of those vibrating figs but it does have Authentic Poseable Action meaning shoulder joints and rotate at the hips.

Two vintage figs added to the collection. I’m happy with what I got… Plus there’s a lot more in the lot I bought other than Raven and Steiner, but I’ll get to those later.

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