WCW Ring Masters: Hitman

It’s no secret that Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler and one of my favorite figures of his is WCW Ring Masters. This line of figures from ToyBiz portray wrestlers in different gimmicks that fit with their character. Such as Bill Goldberg dressed as a construction worker because he uses the jackhammer finisher, Hollywood Hogan comes with a camera and directors chair and so on. You get the point.

As for Bret Hart he is dressed as a 1920’s gangster because he is a Hitman. He comes with a removable fedora, vest, and trench coat. And you can’t have a Hitman without his weapons he comes with three guns. Tommy Gun, pistol, and some kind of rocket launcher. He can just “take out” the whole WCW roster and walk away as champion.

When it comes to action figures having action features or gimmicks this Hitman is by far my favorite.

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