Netflix and Marvel Legends

I been catching up on Netflix series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The first seasons for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were great. David Tennant was fantastic as the Purple Man, I’m glad he showed back up for season two. Mahershala Ali (Cottonmouth) played an excellent mobster and Shades was cool as ice.

Out of the three series I watched I was very disappointed in Iron Fist, it was more chasing said power than using it. Also I mainly watched it for Typhoid Mary, wish she was in DareDevil.

After watching Luke Cage and Jessica Jones I went ahead and bought their Marvel Legends figs… I picked up the Luke Cage & Claire Temple Wal*Mart two-pack. Red shirt Luke Cage looks nice, but I had to buy yellow shirt to keep that iconic comic look. And as for Claire, finally got an on screen Night Nurse and figure.

The other fig I got was Jessica Jones, she’s basic but her face scan looks spot on to me. Standing them next to Punisher they all look fantastic!

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