Incredible Hulk Collection

Growing up I was a Marvel kid. Spider-Man, Captain America, X-Men, and my all time favorite Incredible Hulk. I may love the MCU Captain America but I’m a Hulk fan at heart.

I remember sitting in front of my Tv and taping reruns of the 70s Incredible Hulk series from the Sci Fi channel. And when it comes to action figs my Hulk collection was nonexistent. I could never find the Marvel Super Heroes figure at all. But I did have the oversized 15 inch Hulk and bendable figure… I’m still looking for a MIB 15 inch Hulk.

In the 90s Hulk had his own cartoon in the same vein as the X-Men, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four. It was an okay series from what I remember and I see the toy line for said series in stores but never bought any… My first Hulk figure came from eBay when eBay was just starting up and I won a 90s ToyBiz Hulk that came from a Classic Avengers box set. The figure represents Hulk in Avengers #1 wearing purple short shorts and that classic Frankenstein’s monster square-box shaped head.

Another figure I got from eBay was a Marvel Super Heroes Incredible Hulk, this was the mid 2000s when I won it. I still have it MOC, but could use an upgrade.

When HULK (2003) was the “hottest” thing at the box office… joking. I had high hopes for that movie but very disappointed. I wrote everything off about that movie even the figures, until years later a buddy of mine gave me a Hulk fig from that movie and it’s not that bad at all. Butterfly shoulders, ab crunch, great articulation all round.

Another MOC I have is the same bendable figure I had as a kid. Found it at Geek’d Con for $10 and the last figures are Marvel Legends. Rage Hulk from Age of Ultron, and Gladiator Hulk BAF from the Ragnarok wave.

I don’t have many Hulk figures because I’m always searching for that Hulk I see in my minds eye. There’s been many Incredible Hulk figures but a lot of them don’t have that likeness in the face. But what I do have in my collection I like.

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