Let’s Talk WWF Hasbro

I was a Hasbro collector as a kid. My first figures I ever got was André the Giant, Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake, and Big Boss Man. The one thing I didn’t care for about these figures was all the action features. I wanted your standard five points of articulation because those action features sometimes break. Like when I finally got Demolition, after hours of play Smash’s arm was getting loose from his smasher action.

Over the years I used my Hasbro figs as customs. I drew on them with a sharpie to make monster creatures out of them. Totally regret it now… Some of my favorite childhood memories were going to yard sales and finding wrestling figs, I remember buying Lex Luger for a couple dollars. Even found Road Warrior Animal but passed on him because I couldn’t find Hawk.

Nowadays the only Hasbro’s I have is Ricky Steamboat and recently, I just got the Texas Tornado from Hasttel Toys. And with that figure, I got that figure itch and may try to get those Hasbro’s I had as a kid.

And when it comes to WWE Retro series, I passed on every figure. Some look very good and the nostalgia is there, but right now I’m to heavy into Elite and vintage figs. But never say never…

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