SDCC Snap into IT!

I won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con this year but I’ll do my best to pre-order the new Macho Man Randy Savage (Slim Jim) figure from Entertainment Earth. I stated in the past, “Who really needs more than one Randy Savage figure.” looks like I do. I already own WWE Legends, Series 5 and to me that’s the be all end all for a Savage fig, but this Slim Jim figure is awesome! The hype for this figure on Twitter is madness and from what I been hearing there’s more to come. Maybe a Ghostbusters-WWE crossover, or Bone Crunching Action (BCA) may make a come back like the WWE: Retro figs. SDCC is still a month away and I’m sure more news will break before the doors open and Hall H fills up, but for now I’m happy with just the Macho Man fig.

Photographer Willy
Stylist Alphonse

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