Who Wears This Mask?

Everyone has a price… even the Massive One. When a friend likes your Costa cap and they ask what you want for it and you know she’s taking a mini vacation down to Mexico… You ask for a Lucha mask and that’s what I did!

Today, Renee gave me my first Lucha mask for my wrestling collection. She ask before hand what colors, told her anything orange. Since that’s my favorite color. She brought me back this green & orange mask. I totally love it.

The one thing about the mask I didn’t know was who wears this mask in the ring… I searched eBay, Amazon, and Googled every combination of words possible and nothing! So I went to FB, Twitter and ask around, a few hours later a mask collector by the name of RHP4ever told me that the mask I have is worn by Volador Jr. the search was finally over. Thanks to him, RingSkirts, and PPWPodcast the mystery is solved… Thanks again, Renee!

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