Out of Place Merchandise II

Over the years I’ve seen and bought wrestling merchandise in places that would never have it to start with… and these are those stories.

Back in 1998 my grandparents and I made a trip to Houston to shop at Fiesta, which is a huge supermarket. While leaving the store I noticed a couple vendor booths selling T shirts and they had two wrestling shirts for sale. The Undertaker, and Goldberg. I managed to get both. I don’t have those shirts anymore, but I did track them down online, brings me back to the day I bought them.

This next story isn’t really “out of place…” My mom loved going to Las Vegas on vacation and on this particular vacation she stopped by the WCW Nitro Grill, and brought me and my friend Cody a Vampiro shirt, and a to go menu, plus she met Rick Steiner. What a trip she had! I recently contacted Cody to see if he still has his shirt and sadly he didn’t.

I once bought generic thumb wrestlers at a local convenience store, sure they were over priced but it had wrestling in the title.

A few more stories archived, hope you enjoyed them.

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