Back to School, Brother Dude! Collection Complete

When I wrote down my top three wrestling items I wanted in my collection because they had a sentimental value from my childhood, I knew one of these items would be hard to find.

You already read my story about the WCW Monday Nitro arena. These next two items came pretty quickly.

I had this Hulk Hogan backpack in elementary school, and I was gifted those WWF pencils from a friend. I remember using those pencils everyday in school. They were cool to have in my opinion.

I found a few Hogan backpacks for sale but they are usually beat up or dirty. The one I found is a little worn but it will do. As for the pencils, thanks to Wrestling 4 Sale and a few hours later, I have a complete set of unsharpened pencils sitting on my shelf.

Now that my vintage wrestling collection is complete, what’s left to buy? Well… If I find a deal out in the wild I won’t pass it up.

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