Marvel Legends, Can’t Stop You

Hasbro is killing it with Marvel Legends, I always say that I’m done collecting but they release a figure I can’t pass up.

To complete the Black Order I went about and bought Corvus Glaive. I skipped on Loki since he’s just a repaint from Ragnarok. RESCUE is a figure I been waiting a long time for. I was hoping by now a comic version would been released but the MCU version will do.

Another ML series Hasbro been doing good by is their Vintage collection. I skipped on the first couple waves but went ahead and pre-ordered classic style Dazzler… So! Captain Marvel, I totally passed on that whole wave of figs until now. The one figure from that wave I been eyeing is Captain Marvel (StarForce) but the reason I’m getting it is for Minn-Erva.

Hasbro will be releasing their 80th Anniversary collection And a few MCU two-packs. The EndGame two-pack with Iron Man & Iron-Spider is looking mighty nice.

Also… Hasbro, how about a proper Dr. Doom figure to finish off the Fantastic Four series.

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