What’s Hot at #SDCC19

Comic Con is underway and so far Mattel and Hasbro are knocking it out of the park with their reviles. Avengers: EndGame wave three looks fantastic. After years of waiting we are finally getting Heimdall. Plus another Vision, and a updated Valkyrie. The main drew from this wave is the BAF where you build an overweight Thor.

On the WWE side of things I’m really impressed with their basic line with the IIconics, Sarah Logan, and Zelina Vega. But what really got me excited was their elite collection and future releases.

Starting with a updated Pete Dunne, you know how hard his figure is to find? A lot people still haven’t seen one out in the wild. The Ultimate Edition Triple H and Finn Bálor were at but underwhelming to me. The Ultimate Edition line of figs to me is a bit of a letdown. Sure Bret Hart looked nice, but I already have a Defining Moments Bret that is perfect.

Some figures I’m looking forward to having in my collection are Don Muraco, Danny Davis, Greg Valentine, both Matt & Jeff Hardy. Finally a Jeff Hardy without face paint, and we are still getting Gorilla Monsoon. I’m super happy about that and classic style Vince. And of course Becky Lynch The Man fig.

What I’ll be skipping on are the WWE Ghostbusters and He-Man type figures. They look great, but I have no room as is.

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