Getting Even Hotter at #SDCC19

Comic Con was filled with many surprises when Hasbro took the stand showing show more Marvel Legends. The X-Men three pack with Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Cyclops got me so pumped I went ahead and pre-ordered the set, along with Avengers: EndGame wave 3 with Overweight Thor BAF.

I went ahead and ordered a few more X-Men characters to finish off my X-Men the animated series collection.

On the Mattel side, a few pre-orders went live and I went ahead and got young Vince McMahon coming in. Majority of these figs are coming in August but as for the three pack, mid September is the “release date.”

I also noticed Mattel is leaning heavy on the Attitude Era with their elites. Brood Christian, Ministry of Darkness Viscera, and for the first time in a very long time… Chyna.

It came to a huge surprise that the WWE Retro line of figures are being dropped. The Fig Life community is up in arms from what I’ve been seeing. As for myself, they were nice and I have two and that’s all I really need. I have been giving those Masters of the WWE figs a second look and they are growing on me… I may have to get one, but I’m standing by my statement on the WWE-Ghostbusters crossover… I’m skipping them 100% as I did with the TMNT crossover.

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