Let’s Talk The Walking Dead

When I first heard of The Walking Dead becoming a Tv series I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t read any of the comics, but I knew it had zombies in it.

After watching the pilot back in 2010 I found the first trade at Wal*Mart and it was totally different from what I was watching on Tv… I still think the pilot episode is the best of the whole series. I rewatch it a couple times a year.

My relationship with TWD is rocky. I stopped watching around season seven or eight because it was so slow and nothing was happening. It felt like season two all over again with the farm house. But I caught up on the whole series a year ago through Netflix. And loving everything with the Whisperers.

A fan favorite from the show is Negan, but let me get on my high horse for a minute. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fantastic actor, one of the best and his portrayal of Negan is spine tingling… You can keep your Negan and every bit of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as him because I’ll take him as Denny Duquette any day of the week. True JDM fans know who Denny Duquette is. #NeverForget

Season nine saw the last of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on the ongoing series. I liked Rick’s send off and how it’s open ended and before long we will be getting the first TWD movie with Andrew Lincoln. I’m hoping for an ending of the whole series having Rick come back to the Tv show but that’s just wishful thinking right now.

As for Fear the Walking Dead, I watched part of the first season but stopped. I didn’t want to invest into another slow burn series.

I’m still a fan of TWD and even read the first five trades, but I’ll like the Tv series a bit more when it’s all said and done. And Rick dying in the comic was a big shock. No one saw that coming…

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