Beetlejuice, Blob, WCW, and More NES Classics

Picked up quite a few NES game over the past two weeks. A Boy and his Blob, Final Fantasy, Tag Team Wrestling, and the one game that I been chasing since I was a kid…

and here is that story…

One childhood memory that always stuck with me was when my mom, grandmother and I made a trip to TRU looking for Beetlejuice for NES. As I stood there looking through the glass searching for Beetlejuice I didn’t see it. I was told to get any other game I wanted but my heart was on Beetlejuice, I made the decision to leave empty handed. To this day Beetlejuice for the NES I’m still chasing in the wild.

I finally have a copy of Beetlejuice, it’s an unforgiving game. One touch deaths, the levels are a maze to get through and if you didn’t buy any power ups, forget about those boss battles. It’s a tough game but once you know how to play it and where to go, everything is easy.

I’m not a box collector when it comes to NES but I won’t pass them up if I come across them. So when I found a CIB copy of WCW Wrestling I knew it was coming home with me. One thing all those wrestling NES games have in common, not that enjoyable to play. Punch, kick, maybe a suplex? But I’ll never pass up a match between Hogan-André for WWF WrestleMania.

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