Previously on X-Men

Marvel in the 90s were awesome. They had some of the best animated series with Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Incredible Hulk. But my favorite out of all of them was X-Men. Saturday morning I would turn on FOX Kids and watch one or two episodes.

A lot of my Marvel comics knowledge comes from those animated series, sure some stuff was shortened for Tv like Days of Future Past storyline, but I fixed all that Tv canon by reading said comics.

When Marvel Legends started to release whole X-Men waves with characters in original or iconic costumes, it was time to build that animated army.

I was late to the party when Cyclops, Rogue, and Jean Grey were originally released. I did find Rogue on the secondary market and missed on spending those big bucks. I guess the seller didn’t know what they had. As for Cyclops & Jean Grey, I’m waiting on that three pack with Wolverine.

As for the rest of the X-Men… Beast, Storm, Professor X, etc I have on order. But I do have Jubilee, Gambit, and Rogue and that’s my starting part.

Back to the animated series, if you will. A few years ago the whole series made it to DVD but I past on them. I eventually bought the series digitally and after rewatching every episode, it was a chore. Those Phoenix Sega episodes dragged on.

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