Marvel Legends: Beast

I’m a bit disappointed with the Marvel Legends Beast figure. First I wish he came with two open or fist hands. The hands that come with the figure is a left book holding hand and right open fist. The alternate hands are worse with the left hand is flat so you can balance him on one hand. As for the right hand, it’s a closed fist.

The face sculpt has Beast screaming and the head sits flush on his shoulders, in other words he’s missing a neck.

The body of the figure is great. Short and stocky, nice shade of blue with some black shading. This figure even have articulated toes, like in the old Toy Biz figs.

This Beast fig is based on Jim Lee artwork. I was hoping for an animated series look. Maybe even wearing glasses or a smiling-relaxed faced… But he’ll do for what I’m going for, getting that main X-Men animated series cast of characters.

What would make this figure a bit more enjoyable, having magnets in the feet so you can hang Beast upside down.

If this Beast doesn’t do it for you, there’s always that Marvel Select figure. It’s not in scale with ML, he’s towers over everyone but it’s a good alternative.

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