AVON, It Ruled Halloween

In the nineties my mom sold AVON to make some extra cash on the side. I would love looking through those books, usually just for the toys. But when October came around it was all about the AVON Halloween decorations. My mom would buy almost everything because she loved that spooky holiday.

Over time we had tons of AVON branded decorations. Stuff she bought since 1992, but all that got washed away when hurricane IKE made landfall in 2008… The only thing we were left with was memories of everything we had.

Overtime I looked online to see if any of those decorations were for sale, and a lot of it was. Sure it might not be the original ones I had growing up but the memories were there. Since 2009 I have my own arrangement of Halloween decorations I put out each year. Target is the go to place for me… But sometimes when I look at what I have I always think back to those decorations I had growing up.

So it became my mission to find all those Halloween decorations I remember seeing in my house when I was growing up. I search eBay with every wording possible and found a good chunk. The prices on some items were pretty cheap, but the hard to find stuff like the Boo Drop Inn Haunted House… Amazon! of all places, Amazon had it.

As of writing this a lot of what I ordered has come in. I’m still waiting on a couple items to get here. Only thing I couldn’t find to complete this AVON collection is about three or four magnets.

Now… Since getting all these decorations how do I feel? Honestly, like there’s a completeness inside me. Like, okay, now I have all this and everything is back on its axis.

This Halloween I’ll have all these decorations placed all over my house to remind me of a couple things. An awesome upbringing that was filled with scary movies, a loving family, and the spookiness that is Halloween… I wish my mother was still with us to see what all I bought, I know it would put a smile on her face. Happy Halloween!

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