Elite Patterson Found!

I decided to take off early today to do some figure hunting. I haven’t been in a while. I stopped into Lone Star Comics & Toys and they are still sitting on their overpriced Basic WWE figures. They did have a good amount of Star Trek: TNG and First Contact figs but no one really stood out. I can say their figure collection is growing with 90s and 2000s figs but nothing worth their asking price.

I did pick up some back issues for Civil War II and Claremont’s run on the X-Men.

Wal*Mart was kinda stocked with new figs. They still had Marvel Legends Caliban wave and Captain Marvel movie figs. But when it came to the WWE side… Boy, it was a mess. They only had one Elite figure on the pegs and that was Pat Patterson, and yes I got him. They also had Basic Series 98 I skipped on those. I was lucky to find that Patterson fig hanging by itself.

Walgreens was also a bust. They had two Big Cass (Elite 49) figs. I think they been there for the past year or so. Their Marvel Legends consisted of Sue Storm, Medusa, and Namor.

Today wasn’t a total bust, but those retailers need to step it up with their inventory.

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