Elite Collection Update: Cena, Lynch, The OC

When you start collecting you always need the core characters mixed in with your personal favorites. For example, if you’re collecting TMNT you’ll need all four turtles, Shredder, Splinter and so on.

In my WWE collection I’m missing a few core guys, well was missing. I filled that gap in recently. Mattel has made many John Cena figures but I went with the most recent Elite 64, mainly for that U Can’t See Me pose. Another figure I been neglecting is Braun Strowman, I always say I need to finish the Wyatt Family and now I can with Elite 62.

I’ve noticed that Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Elite 56 are getting a bit rare and pricey. But Amazon still has them at a decent price. I remember Gallows being a peg warmer at my Wal*Mart for months… Now that Gallows & Anderson has joined Styles forming The OC, those Elites will be going quick. Get them while you can.

If you been following this blog since day one you probably seen my Becky Lynch action figure collection. I have every Mattel Becky figure and I just got the latest one in as well, Basic Series 99.

Lastly… A early 90s Vince McMahon with the blue interview stage is a must. And thanks to Ringside Collectibles he stands in my collection.

There’s a handful of core figures I’m still missing like The Rock, Daniel Bryan, and Stephanie McMahon. But those figs will have to wait until I’m ready to buy… Also, I don’t have a Stone Cold Steve Austin but I do have Ringmaster Steve Austin, same person – different gimmick, close enough.

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