Hasbro, BCA, and Mini Figs Lot

I started to collect micro brawlers and its all ready getting outta hand. I went with a blind bag from Pro Wrestling Tees and my first brawler was CM Punk, and I was shocked. I got a few more since getting Punk and they go nicely with the WWE mystery minis.

I been picking and choosing BCA era figs. I found two that I enjoyed playing with the most as a kid. WWF Signature Series Shawn Michaels, and WWF Slammers 2 Kane.

I remember the day I got Kane, I was a bit disappointed because he has an action figure but I still used him in my Fig Fed.

Yes… I know… I’m still buying WWF Hasbro figures. But they are so awesome and my thought process is, just buy the cool figs, self justification, head canon, call it what you may but I’m still missing Rick Steiner and you just can’t have one Steiner without the other.

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