Fig Hunting Black Series Anakin, Target Clearance and More!

Today was a good day for figure hunting. I scored a Black Series (Archive) Episode III Anakin Skywalker at GameStop. They also had Marvel Legends vintage wave 3 in stock. If I didn’t already pre-order mine I would totally have gotten them.

Target… Where to start… Their Marvel Legends were fully stocked with the Wendigo wave. But lacking on Star Wars Black Series. As for WWE figs, I picked up an NXT: TakeOver Rusev that was on clearance for $5. They also had the Ultimate Edition figs in stock, as for basics and Elites forget about it. Everything was picked over.

I also looked at the Transformers Siege figs, I was never into T-formers growing up but those Siege looks nice, but Target didn’t have any main characters.

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