Fantasy Booking MvC:I DLC

I been playing a lot of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite as of late… and I’m still enjoying the gameplay. I went through the arcade and story mode many times over. I know MvC:I is coming up on it’s two year anniversary and you can call it wishful thinking, but I would like to see some kind of DLC. Some new characters or stages… something. But I know it won’t happen. So! I’m going to fantasy book DLC for MvC:I. Characters, stages, etc.

On the Marvel side…

You have to bring in a few X-Men characters. Wolverine, Psylocke, and Gambit. Three main staples in the MvC Universe. Along with a couple new faces with Star-Lord and Mr. Fantastic.

As for stages… A under water kingdom stage, something from Sub-Mariner. Air stage maybe fighting on a Helicarrier while its in the air.

What’s missing from MvC:I is Street Fighter characters. Ryu and Chun-Li are good representatives, but add in Blanka, and Dee Jay to give it some flavor and color. You’ll need a couple fan favorites like Jill Valentine and Amingo to round it out.

Stages… an overrun alleyway with zombies, somewhere in Raccoon City. And some kind of jungle stage.

There you have it, my booking sheet for MvC:I. If you have any good ideas I would like to hear them. Comment below.

If you want a more in-depth look at Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite watch the video from Matt McMuscles feat. Maximilian.

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