Trade Day Finds from the Past

It’s been years since I been to Trade Days, a giant flea market that opens once a month. All that will change Saturday when Rafael and I will go figure hunting. But I do have some really good memories from my younger days when I would go every month.

I remember seeing one booth where a guy was selling WWF LJN figs for wenty-five each. He had André the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, and Big John Studd. I passed on them thinking that was a bit overpriced. They weren’t in perfect condition but good enough to display.

Another time I saw all these plastic tubs with random figures, some of them was Hasbro figs and for only a dollar each.

My greatest find came when I found and bought WrestleMania IV on VHS for $20 bones. It was the two tape set with the Hulk Hogan pop-up. I still have that VHS set and WM IV has become my go to when talking about great WrestleManias from the past.

I’ve also found comic books, and lots of ToyBiz Marvel figures, and ThunderCats figs as well. Hopefully this Saturday, I don’t walkout empty handed.

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