Knock Off, Bootleg, other Worldly Wrestling Figs

I recently came into a few bootleg, off brand, whatever you want to call them wrestling figs. I remember seeing these figs in dollar stores but never gave them a second thought. But now! I I’m putting together a shelf with random “out of place” wrestling figures and what I have here is a good start.

This first figure comes from the IWC, and he’s a spitting image of Razor Ramon. He’s about the same size as a WWF Hasbro but slightly taller. As for articulation, arms, head, and waist rotate.

This figure has a few things going for it. One, he looks like Hulk Hogan. Two, he’s in a style of a Remco figure or He-Man, take your pick. These types of figs I used to see all the time in dollar stores. They were usually barbarian or mid evil themed. But this Hogan lookalike comes with a world championship belt.

Clearly these mini figs are favoriting The Rock, and Stone Cold. I have no idea what series this figs came from. But like Hogan, they come with belts.

There you have it a few odds and ends when it comes to wrestling figs. If I come across anymore, you’ll read about them right here… @

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