Thoughts on Mattel WWE Gimmick Figs

I didn’t get into the WWE Retro line until series ten when Diesel was released. After getting him I went back and got Seth Rollins and called it quits. I wanted a couple Retros mixed in with my Hasbro’s.

My local Target still has Retro Series 3 hanging from pegs. If they go on clearance I may pick them up… As of writing this the Retro series is still dead in the water with no updates if the series will go one or not and the IWC and fig life community have been trying to get Mattel to bring back the series, just look up #WeWantRetros you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In my opinion I can careless if the Retros stay or go… Look at Mattel’s past gimmick wrestling figs, they all pretty much failed, meaning said series didn’t last. WWE Zombies, Monsters, TMNT, and now Masters of the Universe. How long will that series last before Mattel kills it off?

If Mattel would focus on what makes them money they won’t have any problems. Keep the Elite series strong with a good mix of current and legends and give out basic figs at a lower price point, they can keep the figure game going for another ten years.

I see these gimmick figures like what ToyBiz did with WCW. You have a Hollywood Hogan that’s a director or Bret Hart who is a gangster “hitman”. Just give us figures that actually look like the wrestlers and no gimmicks needed. Because they already have a gimmick!

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