Star Wars Mail Day

Since tropical storm Imelda I haven’t gotten any mail in the past few days but late last night I got notified that mail was being delivered the next business day. So I made a trip to the post office and today became Star Wars day for myself.

I finally gave in and bought Solo on Blu-Ray, I had it digitally but I needed that physical copy for the collection. I also got Droids, and Ewok cartoons on DVD. I never seen a single episode of Ewok, but Droids many of times.

As you can tell I’m going for a complete Star Wars home video releases… Two movies that never get talked about because they are bad or forgotten is the two Ewok Adventures movies. Caravan of Courage, and The Battle for Endor. I only knows these movies in passing and ready to sit and give them a once over. Hopefully they are in the same vein as Willow, Never Ending Story, Legend, etc.

Star Wars Trilogy (Original Theatrical Versions) is a three disc Blu-Ray set I found on eBay. It’s basically a fan-made bootleg that contains A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi in its complete form without any special edition edits. But my main reason to picking it up was for the extras. It has all the original trailers, making of documentaries, deleted scenes, and even the Holiday Special… and I’ve never seen the Holiday Special in person, but I know it’s dreadful.

Lastly I got a couple new figs for my ever growing collection. I picked up a Scout Trooper, which is my favorite look for a Stormtrooper. He comes with a blaster and he’s weathered, great detail. The other fig I got was Chopper from Rebels. Sometimes about this little droid I like. Could be the orange dome or his smug attitude.

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