Fantasy Booking Injustice 2 DLC

I started playing Injustice 2 again, I took a brake earlier in the year to focus on other games like WWE 2K19, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But jumping back in did have a learning curve figuring out combos and specials but once I got the hang of it it’s like I never missed a beat.

What I don’t like is grinding away to get gear for characters you might not even play as. I have tons of gear for Green Lantern but I mostly play as Hellboy, Redhood, or Donatello. I mostly play single player fights, sometimes not getting gear doesn’t bother me.

The story for Injustice 2 is forgettable I don’t remember anything really happening other than going to Gorilla City, and facing off with Brainiac towards the end.

With all that out of the way… I was a bit disappointed when some characters didn’t return for Injustice 2, my main two being Batgirl and Shazam. Batgirl was my main for years, I got so good with her, but I was let down when she didn’t make the cut. Same with Shazam, make him DLC or an alternate skin for Black Adam.

Since I’m booking this those two characters would be DLC along with Beast Boy, Wonder Twins, and Killer Croc.

As for guest characters, I like the roster they have with Hellboy, TMNT, Sub-Zero, and Raiden. So I’ll just add one new character to that roster, The Comedian from Watchmen. He may play as Deathstroke clone because of his guns and hand to hand combat but his one liners would be great!

Stages/Arena… Pretty much everything is covered but since we get Beast Boy and already have Firestar & Cyborg, how about fighting in front of Titan Tower. Same goes for Batgirl, have the Gotham Clock Tower but you get to fight inside it. Seeing computers, different costumes, a wheelchair, etc.

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