Getting into the DC Comics Action Figure Game

I remember when I first saw Batman: The Animated Series figures, I was in the mall and stopped by Suncoast and saw Batman, and the two-pack with Batman & Phantasm. I thought, wow! these figures are very cool and looked just as they did in the animated series.

Over time I thought about starting a DC Comics figure collection as I’m doing with Marvel Legends but there’s so many different series of figures I don’t know where to start. So! After some looking into, DC Multiverse, and Batman: TAS I’m going to focus on when it comes to collecting DC.

I took to Amazon to see what’s all available, after an hour of searching I saw and purchased The Gray Ghost (B:TAS) this character is so obscure only true Bat-Fans know who the Gray Ghost is.

Side Note: One character I didn’t see in figure form is Red Claw… Hopefully she gets a figure soon, like to have her in my collection.

Hopefully when I get this figure I won’t be disappointed, it’s just a waiting game now until he arrives.

Red Claw (B:TAS)

2 thoughts on “Getting into the DC Comics Action Figure Game

  1. Collecting figures can get addictive. I would get into the hobby, but alas have limited storage space.


    1. I went all out when it came to Marvel Legends, since then I learned my lesson, just buy the characters you like. You don’t need the whole wave.

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