Doiner’s Top Five Batman Action Figures!

Batman has been a staple in my life since childhood. Those early DC Comics Super Heroes figures were my favorite. Even in the 90’s when a new Batman movie was released I had to have those figures as well.

But today I’m running down my Top Five favorite Batman figures from years gone bye. Enjoy.

5. Scarecrow (B:TAS)

Scarecrow is one of the best looking characters in Batman’s rogues gallery. You can draw him in so many ways because he’s a scarecrow. As for the figure, we’ll he had a spinning arm so he could twirl his scythe or have a crow perch on said arm and spin that too.

4. Bane (Batman & Robin)

This figure was twofold to me. Yes, he’s a Batman villain and also a masked luchador in my fig fed.

3. Robin (Batman Returns)

Robin wasn’t in Batman Returns (1992) but he did make the toy line. He came with a backpack grappling hook and a cloth cape. When it came to using Batman or Robin when playing with figs, Robin always won.

2. Batman (Batman 1989)

I had this figure multiple times over because the bat-belt would snap. I would put that yellow bat-belt hook on everything I could so Batman can climb or rappel down.

1. Robin (DC Comics Super Heroes)

Out of all the Batman figures I had growing up Robin from the DC Comics Super Heroes line is my favorite. Just like Batman Returns Robin, I would use this figure a lot in play. Something about the Boy Wonder drew me to him, could’ve been his colorful outfit, or knowing Robin was a kid and I was too, could be anything…

Also, every good figure comes to an end. I remember the day I lost Robin. I was playing in a sandbox at my house, when I was done I left a couple figs in the sand. The next day when I went looking for him… No where to be found! To this day I have no idea what happened to that figure.

Many years later I found a MOC Robin and picked him up for around ten bucks. I still have it MOC, and on display in my room. That Robin means a lot to me.

And since I only have one favorite Bat related vehicle I’ll just add it here…

From the Batman Returns figure line, Robin’s JetFoil Cycle. My Robin figure would fly around everywhere and I didn’t just use it in air, to me it became a jet ski as well.

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