The Power of the Force

When everyone was hunting down Triple Force Friday merch I went back to my roots and pulled from storage all my The Power of the Force and Saga series figures.

I forgot how cool some of those figures are. Like the Battle of Endor Darth Vader with lightening effects, or Airborne Trooper, I love how the orange just pops off the white.

I also found Luke’s landspeeder, that vehicle is still my all time favorite. It’s in nice shape but missing the windshield and needs new decals. I may restore it soon and have it as a display piece.

As for The Power of the Force figures they are as buff as ever. Luke, Lando, Han, have been hitting the gym and skipping leg day. I still like those figures, those are my Star Wars figs I grew up on. Gotta remember around that time there was zero Star Wars figs in stores.

Another line of Star Wars figs I like and hope they make a Black Series versions of is Shadows of the Empire. Prince Xizor is one of my favorite villains in Star Wars. And Bounty Hunter Chewbacca, his getup made him look like a cyborg… Come to think of it, main Star Wars characters in the EU had way cooler outfits.

Even though I collect many different types of action figures, vintage and current. I never got into the vintage Star Wars figures from the 70s & 80s, but that doesn’t I don’t have any in my collection… Many years ago while at a flea market some guy had a huge box of vintage figures, but at the time I didn’t know anything about how valuable they were and I don’t think the seller did either… so I picked up three figures that I thought looked cool or I didn’t have already in The Power of the Force collection. Gamorrean Guard, Weequay, and RA-7 Death Star Droid.

That’s what my vintage collection looks like, and I’m happy with only having three. I know some of those early figures are pricey and I’m not in the market to collect.

With all that, the one thing I didn’t have in my collection that I’m looking to get is a Slave 1 from The Power of the Force series. I have a Boba Fett, and Han in Carbonite, I need a Slave 1 for the display.

I can go on forever about The Power of the Force collection and how great it is but I’ll stop here, regroup and come back to TPOTF at a later date.

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