JAKKS WWF Legends (1997) and other Wrestling Items

I mentioned I found some wrestling related items in my write up about Teddy Ruxpin and today I’m going to tell you about them.

Back in 1997 JAKKS released a line of WWF Legends figures, in series one there was Jimmy Sunka, Freddie Blassie, Lou Albano, and Andre the Giant. This figures were more of a statue than playability. They had five points of articulation, and screwed to a black base with a backdrop that featured a picture of said wrestler.

At one time I had them all MIB but over time the boxes got damaged and I just threw them out. But I still had the figures. But they been locked in storage for years and I finally got them out.

The only one that was damaged was Andre the Giant, it looked like part of his singlet was melted or the paint was rubbed off pretty bad. So I made the decision to just trash the figure all together. But the other three are still in good shape. But finding room to display is getting hard to find.

JAAKS also made another wave of these statue figs with at the time current roster guys like Steve Austin, Undertaker, Goldust, and Mankind. I never got those.

I did find some wrestling reading material. The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire is Matt & Jeff’s autobiography. In the Attitude Era and early 2000s this was my Bible. I read this book cover to cover many of times over. I always been a Hardy Boyz fan since day one. And just today I saw that Jeff got pulled for another DUI. I may come off as an Hardy apologist, but it’s time to call it quits, out him in the Hall of Fame and the E to wipe their hands with Jeff. In 2001

WWE released a coffee table type book titled Unscripted. This book gives you a behind the scenes look from the wrestlers prospective in and out of the ring, with road stories, commentary about being in the business, and this book offers lots of great pictures.

My book on the other hand… is everything that I just explained but! I met Booker T and a handful of his students at a meet and greet in a mall and got him and his students to sign the cover.

When I brought the book up to him to sign he flipped it open, looked through it and said, “I remember when I was interviewed for this, lots of good stories” I smiled and said, yea it’s a good read.

Couple other books I took home was Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit & the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry, and Dusty: Reflections of Pro Wrestling’s American Dream. Lastly I found my favorite pro wrestling magazine… Cinescape Presents: Body Slam (Fall 1999) issue. I remember my mom bring home this magazine and giving it to me. I read it front to back, and looking at this magazine now there is so much in it. This magazine covers wrestling albums, background and indie wrestling, bio’s on the top talent in 1999 from WWF, WCW, ECW and people to look out for on the independents.

That’s about all the wrestling stuff I brought home with me. It was a mighty haul.

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