Living the #FigLife Top 5 The Power of the Force Figures

When Star Wars got a second life in the mid 90s I was collecting every figure I could. Some became my favorite where I played with them all the time and some figures became other characters. With that said, here’s my top five TPOTF figures.

5. Hoth Rebel Soldier

Generic rebel fig that I could use anywhere in the galaxy, not just Hoth. The removable backpack is a good tough as well.

4. Grand Moff Tarkin

Peter Cushing having his own figure meant using him for Hammer Horror bookings. He faced off with the Universal Monsters from the Ghostbusters line.

3. Darth Vader

The first of two characters I received in 1995. He was menacing, prop his arm up and he would force choke anyone.

2. Rebel Fleet Trooper

Just like the Hoth soldier I could make this trooper join the Force or turn him to the Dark Side… I enjoyed the background characters a lot more than the main cast.

1. Bossk

The coolest reptilian in the galaxy. When it comes to bounty hunting, keep your Boba Fett and give me Bossk any day! When he first showed up in The Empire Strikes Back I hoped to see more of him but I didn’t. He became my chase figure for the longest time but I eventually found him at a Wal*Mart.

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