Black Series, WWE Figs, and Joker Review

Today was a fantastic day toy hunting. I stopped by a couple Walgreens and they still had 2017 & 2018 WWE, Marvel Legends, and Black Series stock. Wal*Wart was a bust and when did they stop carrying Star Wars figures or anything Star Wars. I didn’t see any figures, lightsabers, droids, nothing. Galveston is really dropping the bar.

Big Lots on the other hand was loaded with WWE Elites, Basics, and Wrekkin’ figures at a decent price. Ten bucks for any figure, but Wrekkin’ was going for $12. So I picked up Elite Series 65 Nia Jax, and Basic Series Ruby Riott 98.

Since I missed Triple Force Friday, I did stop in Target to see what they had… POP! and LEGO was everywhere, fully stocked. Their WWE and Black Series were the same as any other time I stopped in, but I did see one guy restocking Black Series at their Star Wars display and I found a First Order Stormtrooper (While Box). I then walked next door to GameStop and bought Black Series Yoda (Archive), and Commander Fox (Clone Wars). GameStop had a better selection of Star Wars figs than Target.

Lastly… I watched Joker, going in I thought I’m not going to like this art house take on Joker and I was right, I didn’t. It was two hours of Joaquin Phoenix acting goofy.

My theater did have this sign posted at different locations.

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