Marvel Legends: EndGame Wave 3

For a while I stopped buying Marvel Legends because I didn’t care for the characters Hasbro was releasing. But the well is full once again! Avengers: EndGame Wave 3 arrived at my doorstep today and I couldn’t been more excited.

I been waiting for an Heimdall figure since Thor: The Dark World. Hasbro didn’t disappoint on Idris Elba’s likeness. I’m glad he came with the Hofund sword. I’m also glad I skipped on the Ragnarok two-pack and waited for this Valkyrie release.

As for the other figures in this wave… I have too many Captain America figs as is, but this Capt. is a reuse from Captain America: The First Avenger with updated paint. Same can be said for Vision, he’s the Toys R Us exclusive but molded in a shiny plastic. And the only Iron Man I own is a Mark III from the first film and that’s not even a Marvel Legends figure. Iron Patriot losses a lot of detail with those bright colors, from a distance he looks find, but close up… he’s a mess. Now to the crown jewel from this wave, Bro Thor BAF. This figure is amazing! I wish it was released sooner maybe closer to EndGame but it was worth the wait.

Now I’m just waiting on the Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops three-pack and I’m pretty much finished collecting Marvel Legends. My MCU collection is done, and so will be X-Men the animated series.

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