Vintage Star Wars Figs All Around

I’m not a vintage Star Wars collector for a couple reasons. I didn’t grow up on those figures, and the prices are a bit high for certain characters. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them, I have a few in my collection that I found at flea markets. And today I bought my first vintage figure in a very very long time, Hoth Rebel Trooper.

I always liked the background characters more because you can make them your own, good or bad. Plus Battle of Hoth has always been my favorite part of The Empire Strikes Back.

I won’t say this will be the last time I’ll buy a vintage figure, but I’m not looking to compete anything.

And speaking of vintage figures… My good friend Mike sent me a picture of his childhood Star Wars figures, and he found a Jabba the Hunt out in the wild, not complete going for $50 and that’s not to bad of a price.

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