Full Day of Fig Hunting and a Five Below

On this rainy day I decided to go fig hunting in Beaumont because Galveston is all dried up. I started off at Five Below, this is my first trip to a Five Below. It just opened up a few months ago. I’ve always heard good thing from the figure community when they would visit said store.

The figures they had were limited but good. I walked out spending under $30 bucks with a good haul. I picked up Black Series Snoke, a couple WWE Domez, and few things for a Doiner Crate… They did have some WWE figures but they were Basic style. But I did pick up one wrestling figure called, Stretchy Wrestler. It’s a Stretch Armstrong type of a figure.

Five Below is a great store, I’m adding it to my rounds when I go hunting.

The next stop I went to was Target… and what a cluster it was. They had WWE Elite Series 69 and WWE Spotlight figures hanging from pegs and ready to be bought. But once I started to checkout they wouldn’t scan, so a manager was called and she said, sorry I can’t sale these. I ask why are they out on the shelf? She couldn’t answer that question. I ask if she could override it and she couldn’t. So I just left…

I been seeing stories all over Twitter that Target is putting stock out early and letting people buy said figures. I guess Beaumont Target isn’t cool enough to do that. The two figures I wanted to buy was Asuka, and Sonya Deville.

I ran into the mall to see if anything was new and found a lot of cool stuff, but passed on everything. The only place worth talking about is 2nd & Charles. They had a lot of vintage JAKKS WWE figures going from $5-$10 bucks. I also saw a vintage Robo Cop figure but $10 was kinda steep.

I stopped in to see the guy who I buy my wrestling DVDs from and what a wild moment that was… While I was picking out DVDs, the costumer that was there before me was on his phone trying to convince his wife/girlfriend he wanted to buy a deck of Magic the Gathering cards. This went on for ten minutes.

He ended up not buying them. But I didn’t leave empty handed.

My last stop of the night was Wal*Mart and I found the Jerry Brisco Elite figure. I didn’t have any trouble buying it… Today was a good day figure hunting, but F’ Target for the pulling that swerve.

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