Ronin Warriors

I was watching a video about how everyone collects the same type of vintage action figures nowadays and how so many toy lines get over shadowed by Star Wars or Masters of the Universe and those figures get forgotten about, some might be worth collecting not because of value but overall good looking action figures.

With that in mind I started looking at other figure lines that I wasn’t to familiar with and I found Ronin Warriors (Playmates 1995). The only knowledge I have for those figures comes from a friend of mine who had them back in the day. I remember holding them and checking them out, but those figs wasn’t for me at the time. But I never forgot them.

I took to eBay to see if any of those Ronin Warriors were for sale and I found a good chunk of them but only bought a couple. Ryo, and Talpa.

So… What is Ronin Warriors? It was an anime/manga TV series that ran in Japan from 1988-1990. And made its way to the US in 1995 airing on the USA Network and later on Cartoon Network. The plot for the series is like this… Talpa is a heel and wants to rule the world, but you have the Ronin Warriors (Babyface) standing in his way. The Warriors have mystical armor and weapons to help them defeat Talpa and his goons.

Now I got the figures, I gotta watch the series. Hopefully it’s easy to find on DVD or streaming. As for the figures, they are unique. Their elbows and knee joints have springs in the them, I don’t know why. Maybe for better kicking and forearm action? And the mystic armor is removable, but once suited up they look way cool.

I’m very happy with these figures. I’ve learned about a Japanese TV series, different figs in the line, and started to collect something that I thought I wouldn’t have.

So! What will you’re next figure line be in your collection? Comment below.

2 thoughts on “Ronin Warriors

  1. When I was a kid I had tons of Batman the animated series toys and I mean a ton along with the toys from an awesomely underrated show called Exo Squad. The Exo Squads gimic was they all had Mecha they piloted. How for my white whales is a kid were always the power rangers megazords because I never had any because they were far too expensive for what my family could afford. I have recently gotten the collecting toys again and enjoying the Transformers war on Cybertron siege line and the Gundam Universe figures.


    1. I started looking into Gundam figures, but haven’t bought any yet. There’s so many different versions. I like the Transformers Siege line, but I’m not to familiar with the characters since I didn’t go up playing with them.


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