WWE 2K20 is Buggy

The night WWE 2K20 was released I started on MyCareer everything was going good until I got about ten mins into the AJ Styles match and the game just froze. So I reset my XboX and watched YouTube videos instead of playing 2K20.

Cut to a couple days later I defeated AJ without the game freezing and everything was going fine. So far I like the new storyline for MyCareer, it’s one big flashback. The voice acting for Red is very good, Tray on the other hand is just comedy relief. So far I’m still in the rookie stage of my career. Hopefully I’ll finish it, unlike with 2K19 I played some and just never came back to it.

After a few matches I went exploring looking at everything you can do in the game… and I know this game is buggy and I’ve seen Wrestle Twitter and all the glitches. But I came across a few of my own while trying to edit Jeff Hardy. You can see by the pictures everything is a bit off.

I hope 2K releases their patch soon and adds balance to the game because every other move is a reversal. Until then I don’t have much to say, it’s just like every other WWE 2K game from the past but with new characters and for some reason new controls… Stupid.

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