WWE 2K20 Refund and Patches

I learned this morning that Sony is giving out refunds to customers who bought WWE 2K20 because the game has so many bugs & glitches. I play my 2K games on Xbox and I haven’t seen Microsoft put out any kind of statement if they will give out refunds.

When I heard what Sony was doing I thought about if I would ask for a refund if Microsoft was to offer one, and I wouldn’t. I enjoy the 2K wrestling games. Yes, there wasn’t a day one patch, but I’m not a typical WWE 2K player. I can careless about CAW, MyCareer, Universe Mode, etc. I just just want match types, and a huge roster. I play 8-man Survivor Series matches 99% of the time anyways. If 2K would go back to basics and keep it simple, everything would be good in the hood.

As of writing this @WWEGames has released a statement about 2K20 and a patch will be available in about two weeks. I’m glad they are doing something and giving the buyers notice and not keeping us in the dark. Until then, I’ll keep playing WWE2K20 and those 8-man matches.

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