So… Repro Weapons, Toys, and Stickers

When it comes to my collecting habits I try to find the best price and near mint condition, and if the figure is complete that’s even better. But with older figures like Kenner Star Wars or WWF LJN majority of the time those figures are usually missing their accessories. And just an accessory alone can go for the same price as a loose figure or even more… Try finding three Hasbro WWF Demolition helmets for a decent price.

When I jumped into collecting vintage Star Wars figures I knew they were pricy and I limited my self on figures I really wanted. Hoth Rebel Trooper (No Weapon) I bought on the cheap, and when I found a complete loose Yoda, I researched before I bought it. Looking at different variants, paint jobs, markings etc.

When it came to completing my figures with weapons I did the same as I did with Yoda, I researched, ask around and I bought what I needed… Sure I might’ve spent to much on a Hoth Rebel blaster, but I know it’s a “real” original accessory.

Repro weapons are way cheaper but I like to have the real thing in my collection. And if someone has repros in their collection, I’m cool with that. Collectors can buy and collect whatever they like.

If social networking sellers or eBay wants to sale repros, I’m fine with that as well, it’s an open market, but make sure you have Repro(s) somewhere in the listing or description and know the difference between what’s real and fake.

As for repro card backs I think they are neat and the people who make them are really talented. And collectors like Toy Polloi who shows you how to fix a broken figure or vehicle, I’m 100% down with that. If I had his knowledge as a kid every time I broke one of my figures I would try to invent a way of fixing it and not just use super glue. And repro stickers, I’m fine with that too. They can be printed on better paper stock, brighter colors, and you can create your own. Sure there are gray areas in what I’m talking about, but I’m referring to my collection.

We are all collectors of many things and should get along as a community… at the end of the day, we are complaining about plastic with paint on it.

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