Beaumont Comic Con (2019)

I attended Beaumont Comic Con today and it was a nice small show. It got crowed at times walking down the aisles, but that didn’t hinder me from stopping and checking out all the fifty plus booths that was there. Majority of the stuff I saw was modern with a few vintage items mixed in. Lots of Marvel Legends, Black Series, and anime portraits.

My main goals were vintage Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, and of course anything wrestling… Masters was a dry run, I didn’t see any He-Man stuff. As for Star Wars… I hit the mother load if you will. A large booth with vintage Star Wars all around and I picked up a few of my favorites. Lobot, Anakin Skywalker (Jedi), and Leia (Hoth). I picked up a couple Black Series as well.

When it came to finding anything wrestling related… I didn’t see anything until I saw one booth that had custom figs. Cody Rhodes, Darby Allin, Kenny Omega, Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) I had to have them. I ask the guy at the booth how much? He said, ten each… I said, for the figures! He then explained that the guy who’s selling the customs wasn’t here yet. So he didn’t know any prices… I told him, I’ll be back around.

After two trips around the con I stopped back at the booth and the guy still wasn’t there. I said, dude! I have money to give out and the guy who is selling these figs isn’t around. He then called his buddy for prices. Majority of them were $45 and that not bad. I left with a Hangman Adam Page.

The con for me lasted about an hour. I probably made five or six rounds before calling it quits.

After the con I did some figure spotting at Five Below and the mall, but didn’t buy anything.

Overall it was a good day and maybe next year I might get a booth at Beaumont Comic Con and sale part of my collection off.

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