Black Series – Star Wars: Cara Dune

When Triple Force Friday was hot and heavy I was looking for two figures. The Mandalorian, and Cara Dune. I found the Mandalorian but didn’t realize Dune was a later release.

Instead of waiting for a retail release I went a head and pre-ordered her on Dorkside Toys and about a couple months later she finally arrived.

Cara Dune is a solid figure and Gina Carano likeness is spot on. I can’t wait to see her in the Mandalorian… She comes with weapons knife, blaster, and some type of machine gun. Her shoulder pads hinder some articulation while rotating her shoulder joints back or out, but everything else is smooth like any other Black Series figure. This figure is worth a buy.

One a side note… I’ve might’ve talked about this, but can’t remember. Anyways, I picked up Jyn Erso at Beaumont Comic Con a few weeks back. I’ve been holding off buying this figure hoping for a rerelease with a better face scan. But nothing is in the works from what I been reading, so I found her at the Con for like ten bones or so.

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