Getting into Transformers

Since buying Soundwave and watching the whole G1 Transformers series I’ve become such a fan. I wasn’t a Transformers kid, sure I watched Beast Wars and enjoyed those Michael Bay movies but G1 was never in my rotation when watching TV as a kid. TMNT, and Ghostbusters occupied my time.

So! The G1 cartoon… You ever notice Soundwave is such a boss, all he does is stand in the background and let his mini cassettes do all the work. And don’t get me started with Starscream, whenever Megatron is on the ropes Starscream thinks it’s his time to lead the Decepticons. And Bumblebee he is so popular now but in G1 he’s a background character.

As for the G1 vintage toys I decided I’m not going to collect them, I like the direction is going with the Siege figures. They are very detailed and articulated at every joint.

My most recent Siege figure came from Rafael a few days ago. He found me Megatron at Wal*Mart and it has battle damage, which I like.

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